Thermal imaging

Often described as a black art in the construction industry, the use of inferred cameras are becoming more recognised as one of the ultimate non-destructive methods of:

  • Detecting heat loss and inadequate insulation or failure
  • Failed waterproofing (walls and roof)
  • The interface integrity of elements
  • Robust detail failures or omissions
  • Double glazing and frame defects.

Verification Associates are fully trained and certified thermographers have the ability with their many years of construction experience to identify these defects most precisely and be able to analyse and give recommendations as to the remedial route required.

This specialism extends to the identification and provenance of under floor heating, lath and plaster ceilings integrity and wall insulation completeness. Verification Associates are now even able to identify the failure of double glazing before visible to the naked eye.

  • Thermal imaging under floor


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