Expert Determination

Expert determinationExpert Determination is exactly what it says on the box. It is the determination of a dispute by an expert that is a recognised expert in the matters in dispute. An Expert Determination is legally binding and the decision can be enforced through the courts if necessary. Expert Determination is the most cost effective and confidential dispute resolution mechanism that can be used by anyone even without the need for legal representation.

There are three key people in an Expert Determination. We have the Claimant who is the person that is making the claim, we then have the Respondent who in a normal litigation would be the Defendant and then we have the Determiner who will make the decision on the dispute.

No party can talk to the Determiner without the presence of the other side and no communications can pass between the Determiner and a party without the other party being part of the communication.
Once the determination is published and that can only be to the parties the Determiner then no longer has any jurisdiction and cannot discuss the Determination with anyone.

Expert Determination is a totally confidential route to resolving a dispute between two parties with the Determiner having expertise in the field of the dispute. Verification Associate carryout all determinations in line with ‘The Academy of Experts’ rules as the governing mechanism. To appoint please contact R Appleyard at

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